Bose corp is one of the leading audio solution equipment Manufacturing Company. As every Indian we are also very proud that the founder of Bose corp is an Indian. The Bose corp was founded by Amar Gopal Bose in 1964. Bose is really famous for loudspeakers, noise cancelling headphones and automotive sound solutions.

How Bose was started:

8 years earlier from 1964 Amar G Bose purchased an audio system. But he was really disappointed with its audio performance. That incident made him to do research in sound field AMD led to a solution called Reverberant. He introduced reverberant factor into the speakers and released Bose 1st speaker named Bose 2201 which consist of 22 small speakers in a single box. This gave an output of crispier and clearer sound. He conducted further research in sound field and produced much more improvement in the quality.

A big competitor for Pioneer and Sony:

After that Bose became a big competitor for leading audio system manufacturers like Harman-Kardon, Pioneer, and Sony etc…. Since Bose is an Indian company its headquarters are situated in USA. In 2007 in cooperating with Ferrari motors Bose launched their media system in combining with navigation and hand free device. For that invention in 2007 nose won the award for best storage solution in car environment. After that Bose corp released a series of speakers for automotive segment which made the vehicle completely entertaining one.

Bose corp is also famous for manufacturing headphones. It was Bose who released 1st noise cancelling headphones which cancel all external noises expect from the headphones. In initial state the noise cancelling headphones was supplied only for Army and NASA. But later all people got the opportunity to enjoy the Bose sound quality.

Also in Apple docking devices:

Also As years passed Bose corp proved their excellence in portable audio systems. They released portable speakers which was very handy. Also they released wireless Bluetooth speakers for gadgets. The Bose corp became the 1st company to manufacture Apple docking devices which was specially made for iPhones and iPods.

We, the oneTechBuddy team take this opportunity to thank Amar Gopal Bose who set a mark in the sound field for India.


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