Top 5 FPS Games For Smartphones

Top 5 FPS Games For Smartphones

Nowadays smartphones are becoming high end gaming device instead of PC and gaming consoles. As a result famous game publishers are concentrating on making smartphone games. Here you will be getting the Top 5 first person shooter games for smartphones.

Dead trigger

Publisher: Mad finger games
If you are a zombie lover then dead trigger will be the best choice. The game play of dead trigger is simple kill the zombies and earn points. The game is best suited for all smartphones and tablets. The game is powered by Nvidia tegra next generation graphics. Throughout the game you will be provided by variety of guns and weapons. Guess what it is free of cost in app market. In order to buy new weapons you have to pay for that.


Modern combat 3 : Fallen nation


Publisher: Gameloft
Modern combat is all about army based shooting game. The gameplay is inspired from call of duty series. Throughout the game you will be providing different missions and tasks. You have to complete them. The gameplay and integrated graphics is awesome. In order to download the game you have to purchase it from the market. Since it is a high end graphic powered game you have to download an additional game data about 2GB.


Mass effect : Infilitrator

Publisher: EA
From the famous PC game franchise EA has decided to port their famous FPS shooting on to the smartphones. The game play of the mass effect is similar to the PC game. One of the space ship has been attacked by the aliens and all your squads has been killed. Your mission is to recover the spaceship. You will be provided with a plasma gun. Across the mission your gun can upgraded with some massive firepower. Mass effect is also a premium game that is you have to purchase it from the market.


Frontline commando

Publisher: GLU games
The terrorist leader gengis khan has been captured some of the nations of the world. And the American army send a group of soldiers in order to capture them, but all of them are dead except one person. The frontline commando is a one man army game. You will be able to purchase lots of guns and granades but you have to pay for it. The game play leads you to some of the massive locations and the game is fully supported on both the smartphones and tablets. The game is free of cost in the market.


Shadow gun : Dead zone

Publisher: Mad finger games
The shadow gun deadzone is online multiplayer game. You will be competing with a group of people from all over the world. The aim of the game is to defeat all your opponents and make your way on to the top of the leader board. The game is free of cost in the market and allows you a plenty of hours of brilliant gameplay

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