Review Nokia Lumia 530

Review Nokia Lumia 530

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Last week Nokia added new member to the Lumia series which is Nokia Lumia 530. This device is a minimized version of Lumia 630. Nokia has released Lumia 530 as a budget based phone. There is nothing much difference while compared to Lumia 520 even though 520 is rolling out windows 8.1 update. In terms of specs, this one is the first budget Windows 8.1 phone.

Detailed Specification of Nokia Lumia 530


Lumia 530 is having a 4 inch display having a resolution of 480×854 pixels. In terms of pixel density Nokia has in cooperated the best in the phone. Overall 245 pixel density is available on the phone. Similar to other phones 530 also supports multi touch capability.

Nokia 530


While considering the memory department of the phone there is nothing improved while considered along with 520. Lumia 530 has got an internal memory of 4GB along with SD card support which can be expanded up to 128GB. The RAM of the phone is little bit disappointing one. Every user thoughts for a little increased RAM. The phone has got only 512MB of RAM. Nokia should have included at least 768MB of RAM.


Also there is nothing new on 530’s camera. A basic 5MP shooter camera with no flash. But It is not disappointing one. Camera has got all the basic features. It can record videos on 480 pixels which is not even HD resolution at a FPS rate of 30.


For the overall performance of the phone there is 1.2GHz snapdragon processor. The best thing is that phone is having quad core processor which is a surprising factor from Nokia. But considering it with the RAM why Nokia has provided a quad core processor for a 512MB RAM phone which is still confusing one. Still the phone can perform well.

There is nothing new except the processor while compared with Lumia 520. Also Window’s latest 8.1 update is pre-installed on the phone. Also in terms of looks, Nokia is the best. Phone’s back panel will be available on bright colors.


Lumia 530 is priced around 115-130$ ( 7k-8k INR ) and is expected to launch in the end of July or in the beginning of August


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