New Nvidia 3D Vision 2 Kit

New Nvidia 3D Vision 2 Kit

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NVidia’s new glasses feel a lot better than its older ones. For starters, they don’t have a glossy plastic finish, but are wrapped in a smooth rubberized coating. The active shutter lenses are 20 percent longer this time, so you can see more of the screen on your peripheral vision. The glasses have a rubber lining along the upper rim to shade you from unwanted ambient light. This gives you a better seal and light. This gives you a better seal and thus, a sharper 3D effect. One of the big changes in Nvidia 3D Vision 2 is the new 3D Light-boost technology. While it sounds fancy, what it really means is that newer monitors use a higher lumen level, which gives you a brighter picture in 3D mode.

Of-course new glasses seems to be seems as previous ones. But it has its differences too. First improvement comes with its lenses. It’s more than 20% in size when compare to the previous version. Being larger? You think it’s really a disadvantage? No. this size makes this kit to cover user’s eyes and hence giving better viewing experience. One more advantage of this size is extra lights won’t reach your eyes. Now it seems to be little more advantageous feature than we thought.

Good news about this version is that main technology used in previous version of 3D Kit is kept unchanged. Which makes it to use with emitters and Television which are supporting or made for previous version of this Glass. Major negative we came to notice is that this kit doesn’t work with AMD Graphic card, you need to have Nvidia Card Supporting Personal Computer or whatever.

While talking about construction and design of Glass arm, it’s made more thin and wider than the previous Vision kit. This makes user to feel light weight and also makes easy to fit in with your body. This Vision kit needs to be charge too. For this purpose, Nvidia neglected mini USB and made a micro USB. You can also see a power button and apart from these, a cable is included in the kit to connect with its micro USB. So everything is made easy.

Now you may be little worried that I am not explaining about its working? Okay let us assume you have this video Graphics card in testing device. Also set to 120Hz frequency display. Now connect upper 3D emitter and activate the 3D in NVidia’s control Panel. That’s it’s! Put on your glass and enjoy!

When switched on, the image and surroundings darken a little but not as much as with the older kit, it’s like wearing a pair of lightly tinted shades. The 3D effect is very good with good amounts of depth, and this applies to menus as well. The sight flicker prevalent in the older glasses is almost non-existent.


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