Microsoft is really trying hard in order to make their OS user friendly among various platforms. Still Microsoft is unable to get users attention especially in smartphone area. This is mainly due to the lack of apps in the windows store. So in order to avoid Microsoft announced an initiative called Microsoft Garage. Through this the officials are really trying get more close to the Windows OS users. Through Microsoft garage you can present your own app idea. Also you will be able to test the upcoming windows apps directly by yourself.

The Microsoft Garage was started in the year 2009. During starting stages the program was strictly held inside the Company where tech geeks are given a chance to present their million dollar idea. But as the no of smartphone users became increased the officials decided to give chance for each and every individual.

Since Microsoft Garage is in the starting stage only around 15 apps are show cased which includes the famous citizen and Floatz.

Take a look at the apps you will be able to test in Microsoft Garage.


This is a must have app for every Indian smartphone users. Using this app you can report an issue directly in to the hands of government officials. As a starting stage this app is completely functional in Metro cities.

Find CitiZen on Windows Store, Google Playstore.


Using collaborate you can host or join picture discussions. So that every users in the discussion will be able to provide his or her own idea. You can enter to the discussion by entering a session ID. This app is much useful for businessman and entrepreneurs.

Download for Windows: Windows Store, Phone Apps & Game Store

Journeys & Notes

This app is specially meant for those who loves to travel. In the app you have to provide a Source and destination of your journey. After locating those the app itself connects you to a community of people who travelled the same place. So you can ask for help while needed. Also the notes you making in the middle of journey will be shared to other people in the community.


Reach ME

This application helps other people to reach to your exact location. So you don’t have to guide your friend through voice call or message. Your friend’s exact location will be keep updated to you so that you can track his or her status.
Available on Windows Phone Store.

Lost Turtle

Lost Turtle is an interactive game where your job is to lead the turtle to his home. The turtle will be having a Jetpack. All you have to do is to adjust the thrusters and change the direction and lead the turtle to home.
Lost Turtle is available on both Windows Store and Windows Phone Store.


Floatz is an idea sharing application in which you can share your ideas to the nearby flotz. Also they can join in your float and comment opinions. The app works on location but your exact location will not be shared with the unknowns.

Available for Windows Phone

Sound Stack

This app helps you to create innovative sound tunes using various instruments like drums, keyboard etc. Using the camera you can interact with the surrounding environment to create beautiful melodies. Also you can tie up with other tracks.

Download for Windows Phone.

All the above mentioned apps may not be available in the Microsoft Garage but soon or later these will be available in the store for testing purpose. So go and get the latest upcoming applications.


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