How To Create HTML 5 Theme For Mint Display Manager

How To Create HTML 5 Theme For Mint Display Manager

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Mint Display Manager (MDM) is the default display manager for Linux Mint and Linux Mint Debian Edition. A display manager helps you to start a graphical session on the desktop environment of your choice. Display managers can be themed to just like we theme our desktops.

MDM comes in three varieties. You can choose a GTK theme, a GDM theme or a HTML theme. The default theme is an HTML theme, Mint-X. In this tutorial, we will tweak it a little bit to create a custom HTML theme. You need to follow these simple basic steps.

Note :- This tutorial is written keeping a beginner in mind. Experienced users may refer to the detailed tutorial :-

  1. Open Nemo, the file manager.
  2. Click on file system and go the usr directory.
  3. Open share directory and then, mdm directory.
  4. Inside mdm you will see html-themes directory. Open it and copy the folder, ‘Mint-X’.
  5. Paste the folder in a location of your choice.
  6. Look for a file ‘bg.jpg’. You will note that this is the background you saw on the login screen.
  7. Choose a picture and rename it as ‘bg.jpg’.
  8. Replace the default background with the picture you chose.
  9. Open ‘’ file and change name and description of the theme.
  10. Change directory name ‘Mint-X’ if you want and compress it to create a theme archive.
  11. Open Menu and choose Administration > Login Window and enter administrative password. Add our new theme and choose it.
  12. Log out to see the magic.

A video tutorial has been uploaded under public domain on Media Globin instance You are free to download the video.

Link to my video tutorial :-

Once you are done you can try editing the codes and create better themes. There are plenty of themes available at and for you to test and learn. The detailed tutorial mentioned above introduces you to mdm theme emulator for testing your theme. You may also use a browser to do so by opening the index.html file.


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