Happy News For Xbox 360 Fans In Australia

Happy News For Xbox 360 Fans In Australia

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Microsoft announced a massive price drop for the Xbox 360 products around Australia. After launching their latest Addition to the family, Xbox One which is not doing pretty well in the Gaming Console market. The main competitors for Xbox one is Sony PS4 and Wii U. One of the main problem regarding the Xbox One is the pricing factor.

Drop in the Xbox 360‘s price will attract more gamers to this platform. Compared to the PS3 Xbox 360 has been priced very well. Also there is some minute changes in the Xbox 360 add-ons like Xbox Kinect and for some of the Xbox game titles. According to the news from Microsoft Australia There will be a minimum 100$ drop on Xbox 360.All the offers will be rolling over from 1st week of October. The offers will be as given below.

Xbox 360(4G Console)

The Xbox 4G console war priced around 200$. Now it has been decreased to 179$. Which is a good news if you are planning to buy this machine. The same console along with Microsoft Kinect was priced around 299$ which has been decreased to 249$.

Xbox 360(250GB)                    

Xbox with 250GB of on board memory war priced at a range of 299$ which will be available for a price of 199$. A massive 100$ drop in its price. Also for the Kinect version you only need to pay an addition of 100$.

Xbox 360(500GB)

500 GB version of Xbox is priced around 279$ all around Australia.

Apart from all these Microsoft Australia introduced 2 new packages for the Xbox 360 if are willing to purchase as a bundle.

The first package which is a Holiday Value Edition includes a 500GB version of Xbox 360 along with 2 blockbuster gaming titles which are Call of Duty: Ghosts and Call of Duty: Black ops 2. Also there is a free Xbox live Gold membership access for about one month. All these are included in the Holiday edition.

The 2nd package which is a Limited Edition version. In this package also there will be the same gaming titles along with the Xbox Live gold membership access. But what’s so special about this package is that the usual green colored Xbox will be replaced with a shiny blue Xbox which is a limited edition version.

Both the 2 packages will be priced around a 279$. So if you are in Australia and you are planning to buy a gaming console then it is strongly recommended to go for Xbox 360. Because this is the right time to buy. The price may vary if the product became out of stock because it is a onetime opportunity.

So go and grab your Xbox! BTW happy gaming 🙂



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