Get Familiar With These Bracelet MP3 Players

Get Familiar With These Bracelet MP3 Players

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Post Credit: Abhi Manu, Arshad Ashraf

Can you imagine a MP3 players will substitutes our hand chains? Then there is no much waiting for that. CREATIVE making that breakthrough with introduction of their new MP3 player which wraps around our hand. It plays music with the help of Bluetooth wireless ear buds.You can see options like play, pause, fast forward, scroll and flip through songs on the outer surface of the MP3 bracelet. With slight variations this bracelet can also show a scrolling display having song or album photos. The main attraction to this MP3 player is that with the help of this, we can listen music anywhere and almost anonymously with the help of wireless Bluetooth ear buds. Other people will not get a chance to realize that you are listening to music, if we cover you bracelet by your sleeve. Another best thing that characterizes this MP3 player is no need of worry about the missing of MP3 player which strongly remains attached to your hand.
From the conceptual level we can’t imagine the occurrence of this potential MP3 player. However it is having some special reasons which make it guaranteed to sell. Wearable technology is the first feature out of them. It is very simple and does not make you a feel of spaced out runway model. This wearable device reduces our hand works and ear buds helps us to listen the music without the use of wires or cords. There is funny thing on the usage of this MP3 player is that it be used to listen the music in front of your boss with no fear. It can also be used while you are in driving. Its impressive design makes it suitable to many situations.
You may be confusing on how the Bracelet MP3 player finds a source for its charging. But the exciting thing is that it can be charged with the help of your heartbeat. There is no release of this technology from creative up to here. The most expectation about this is use of piezoelectric power or the power of vibration. This method of charging will increase the durability of the battery. For charging a device, power produced by piezoelectricity is enough but playing sound consumes much power.

As a concept the creative bracelet MP3 player is a fantastic one among other MP3 players that ever released up to here. But there is a serious problem on the cost of this device. We can’t afford the cost of bracelet MP3 player which shows satisfactory performance. There are some limitations on Bluetooth sound quality such as hissing or skipping sound. The cost is so high to overcome this and it expects around $300 or more at starting point. Most of the companies may get impressed from this technology, but probably they will not ready to take a chance on building bracelet MP3 player which is more risk at its cost level. However we can expect this bracelet MP3 player within near future.


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