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Android is one of the most popular and widely used smartphone OS. The main specialty of Android is that it is open source. That is the OS contents can be modified according to the user need. Every Android phone user will be looking forward to Root the Android phone after the warranty period. Rooting is nothing but getting access to the system files in an Android Device. After rooting an Android Smartphone, you can do whatever you want within the limitations.

After rooting your Android Smartphone, there are some must have apps everyone must try!

1) Titanium Backup

This one of the important app that every rooted user must have. This app can be used to backup your whole Android phone. The main difference with other app us that you will be able to backup your app along with the app data. Other than back upping it can also do some other stuffs. You can uninstall the system apps that come along with the device. You can move all your apps into the SD card.

2) SD Booster

Basically the SD card, we use will be having very slow speed. That is the SD card reading and writing speed. By using this SD Booster app you will be able to increase the read and write speed up to a certain extend. After launching the app you will be asked to input a cache amount. This app can also manage the phone’s internal memory.

3) No frills CPU control

This app will be use full for the basic entry level smart phones. Basically, these phones will be having less amount of processor speed. So if we flash the phone with a custom kernel that supports Overclocking, this app can be used. This app is basically used to over clock the processor on an Android phone. Other than over clocking this app have a feature called deep sleep mode. This feature helps to save more battery backup.  During the phones sleep time the processor will under the clock.

4) Greenify

This one of the favorite app among these. By using this app you can hibernate the background apps that are running. As a result the overall performance of the app can be increased. The Facebook app consume more data and ram. Such conditions Greenify can save you. All you have to do is to add the apps that you have hibernate.

5) Auto run manager

There will be lot of unwanted apps that will be running after the device has been booted. Those apps will be consuming more ram. Such condition auto run manager can be used. These app will prevent the startup run of the applications. Thus performance can be increased.

NB: These apps can only be used in a rooted Android phone.

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We all know Ram increases performance of our computer. RAM serves as a temporary storage and also allows operating system a working space so as to perform its operation smoothly. We can extend the ram only if motherboard supports or when there is an extra slot.

What if there is your motherboard doesn’t support extra addition of RAM module?

Here we give you a How-to on using your flash mass storage devices like pen Drives, SD cards as RAM in Windows XP, 7 or Windows 8.

In order to use flash mass storage devices such as Pen Drive, memory card, external hard drive, etc. as RAM in Windows we can follow the following steps.

For using Pen Drive as RAM in Windows 7/8 or Windows 8.1

1. Insert Pen Drive which has to be used as RAM into USB port of your PC or LAPTOP

2 .Click start button and go to my computer.

3 .Select your Pen Drive there and press right button.

4 .Select format option and then format the device.

Select format option and then format the device.

5. Now again select Pen Drive and press right button. Then click on properties.

6. Select Ready Boost tab and then click on use on this device.

7. Now allocate space to use

8. Click on apply and then ok

Select Ready Boost tab and then click on use on this device

For using Pen Drive as RAM in Windows XP

1. Insert your Pen Drive to USB port of your PC or laptops.

2. Then format your Pen Drive.

3. Select start menu and click on my computer.

4. Now select my computer and press right button. Then select properties.

5. Select Advance tab and then click Setting under performance.

6. Then click on advance and after that click on change button under virtual memory.

7. Select your Pen Drive.

8. Now click on custom size and set initial size and maximum size. Initial size and maximum size can be set by subtracting 5 MB from your Pen Drive size.

9. Then apply all changes.

10. In order to run this operation restart your PC or laptop.

A point to be noted is that do not unplug your Pen Drive when it is being used.

For using other flash mass storage devices such as memory card, external hard drive the same steps can be adopted.

Additional info:

Rather than doing each step manually, a software called ebooster can be used. So that all these steps will be performed by the software. Its trial version allows you to use your Pen Drive as RAM for 4 hours continuously.

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Post Credit: Bambalat Arun

Suppose you want to listen to music for 1 hour, and computer turns off without your intervention.,Then have a look!
We all know how shutdown our computer. But have ever thought of computer turning off itself. Have you heard of computer shutdown automatically when an intruder tries to sign in, well it’s true and it can be done with some simple steps.Most of you don’t know about command prompt but all of you should be familiar with the windows Run command window. You can open run using (win key + R)Next step is to type in the following command.shutdown.exe –s –t (time in seconds)

Depending on the time you set you can use this for various purposes.


Suppose you want to listen to music for 1 hour, and computer turns off without your intervention. Set the ‘time in seconds’ value as: 3600 as shown

A message will appear saying that the computer will turn off in 1 hour.

Note: the appearance of the message is different in windows xp, windows vista, windows 7 and windows 8.

Now you can play your playlist for exactly 1 hour.

Note: depending on your use like Bluetooth file transfer, file copying, downloading software etc. you can set your on time, in seconds.


This is a more complicated process than previous one and we have to use another command using ‘shutdown.exe’ along with previous one.

In windows operating systems up to windows 7, you can see a ‘Startup’ folder in the all programs menu.(and of course in the new windows 8.1 customer preview)

Open the ‘startup’ folder in explorer and create a new short cut as shown.

And type the following command inside the box as shown.

Complete the procedure and save the shortcut.

Next step is to create an ‘anti shutdown’ command, create another shortcut in desktop using the above method and type the following command:

Shutdown.exe –a

And save the shortcut with different name and icon(you might know how to do it).

Now restart your system. You can see the system will show a message that says your system will shut down in 10 seconds and only you know the ‘anti shutdown’ shortcut. So an intruder can use your pc for 10 seconds only.

Note: if you are fast enough you can set the time as 5 seconds but don’t set the time as 0 seconds.

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Post Credit: Abhi Manu, Arshad Ashraf

Can you imagine a MP3 players will substitutes our hand chains? Then there is no much waiting for that. CREATIVE making that breakthrough with introduction of their new MP3 player which wraps around our hand. It plays music with the help of Bluetooth wireless ear buds.You can see options like play, pause, fast forward, scroll and flip through songs on the outer surface of the MP3 bracelet. With slight variations this bracelet can also show a scrolling display having song or album photos. The main attraction to this MP3 player is that with the help of this, we can listen music anywhere and almost anonymously with the help of wireless Bluetooth ear buds. Other people will not get a chance to realize that you are listening to music, if we cover you bracelet by your sleeve. Another best thing that characterizes this MP3 player is no need of worry about the missing of MP3 player which strongly remains attached to your hand.
From the conceptual level we can’t imagine the occurrence of this potential MP3 player. However it is having some special reasons which make it guaranteed to sell. Wearable technology is the first feature out of them. It is very simple and does not make you a feel of spaced out runway model. This wearable device reduces our hand works and ear buds helps us to listen the music without the use of wires or cords. There is funny thing on the usage of this MP3 player is that it be used to listen the music in front of your boss with no fear. It can also be used while you are in driving. Its impressive design makes it suitable to many situations.
You may be confusing on how the Bracelet MP3 player finds a source for its charging. But the exciting thing is that it can be charged with the help of your heartbeat. There is no release of this technology from creative up to here. The most expectation about this is use of piezoelectric power or the power of vibration. This method of charging will increase the durability of the battery. For charging a device, power produced by piezoelectricity is enough but playing sound consumes much power.

As a concept the creative bracelet MP3 player is a fantastic one among other MP3 players that ever released up to here. But there is a serious problem on the cost of this device. We can’t afford the cost of bracelet MP3 player which shows satisfactory performance. There are some limitations on Bluetooth sound quality such as hissing or skipping sound. The cost is so high to overcome this and it expects around $300 or more at starting point. Most of the companies may get impressed from this technology, but probably they will not ready to take a chance on building bracelet MP3 player which is more risk at its cost level. However we can expect this bracelet MP3 player within near future.

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It is more exciting and funny that the cases for apple’s new iPhones are capturing the attraction of viewers without waiting for their announcement of launching.
The cases are available with name ‘iphone 5S/5C’ mainly of Spigen’s Tough Armor and Neo Hybrid.

The days are going with at least one leaked image of an iphone 5S or 5C part and they are providing easiest ways for accessory makers so that they can also bring most suitable case for iphone 5S/5C

At the time of it’s launching. Some of them are ready to release their cases ahead of apple’s announcement.

We may wonder when looking the cases of Neo hybrid from spigen SPG’s for iphone. The case is made up of TPU skin and polycarbonate bumper. It is not seems to be too flashily. But it offers more protections with many features which makes it a good choice. It looks like rearranged slim Armor and gives more color options with three packed in home button stickers.

Before installation of Neo Hybrid, we should separate the plastic and rubber layers. It is thus helps to rubber easily slips on, and then the frame snaps into place. If the installation is done with both plastic and rubber layer held together then they may split apart during installation process. After installation it

Will not give any chance to viewers to think that they are distinct pieces. Once installed it fit with phone with very little bulk. By seeing we can feel it as 1or 2 millimeter thinner than slim armor.

The main key features spigen SPG are the port and button protection. Regarding on button protection we can find that there is some additions over the sleep/wake and volume buttons without reducing their tactility. Buttons are covered with metalized coating and makes controls more easily and sensitively with better protection. There is an attractive exposing of ringer switch. While looking for ports, we can find separate openings for headphone port and lightning port at the bottom edge with accommodation of third party plugs and also having smaller pill shaped holes for the speaker and microphone. The presence of lip around the screen adds its beauty.

With all covering it may not be a fanciest one, but it acts as better choice with its features. It is having rubber and plastic layers and these offers better protection of iPhone’s daily usage and unintentional abuse. The case is more suitable with iphone when it is carrying inside the pocket. You may feel the case is not affordable when looking its price (about $5) with no screen protection. But it is preferable for those who are looking for minimal design.

However the cases for iphone 5S is almost similar to iphone 5 exception of flash opening on the back.The key point that expecting with iphone 5S is the presence of dual LED’s for flash system. So cases should be manufactured with beveled flash opening edges so that the new iphone 5S can be operate without difficulty. Thus the demands for cases for iphone 5S/5C are also increasing. As a result case- makers are competing in market. Now the remaining thing is only the official announcement from Apple. Let us hopefully wait for the announcement and the team who will successfully suite the iphone 5S/5C with its requirements.

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Post Credit: Girish Kumar

“Aakash 3” is an android based tablet computers promoted by Government of India, as an initiative for e-learning of the students in Education field. “Aakash” provided by the British company Datawind. Now “Aakash 3” is launched as the latest tablet in its series. It has the enhancement over “Aakash 2” as making phone calls in “Aakash 2”. It is looks like similar to previous versions and no too much difference in specifications from previous ones. Addition of calling facility is the main big difference from predecessors and it has more powerful battery which provides better backup.

Aakash 3 Specification

Company: Datawind
CPU: ARM Cortex-A8,
Speed: 1 GHz
Internal Storage (RAM): 512 MB
External Storage (SD Card): 4 GB (expandable up to 32 GB)
Battery: 3000 mAh,  3hrs battery time
Operating system:  Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich
Network:  Wi-Fi + GPRS
Phone Call: Yes
Screen: 7-inch, 800×480 px
Capacitive display: Yes
Price (INR): 4999 INR

Aakash 3 Review:

The body of “Aakash 3” is made up of black plastic which gives tough feel. Its weight 338 grams higher than 286 grams of “Aakash 2”.It has 7-inch capacitive multi touch screen which gives maximum resolution of 800x480p. Most of the functionality and features of “Aakash 3” is similar to “Aakash 2” except the calling facility. Also it has a front camera, which is more useful to make video calls as well as to use several apps.
It has 512MB of RAM, internal memory of 4GB and it is expandable up to 32GB. This tablet works on the platform of Android 4.0.4(Ice Cream Sandwich) which is provided with 1GHz processor. This device can connect with others by using Wi-Fi and 2G. To connect with 3G, make the use of a dongle with a micro USB converter.

It can be called as a Phablet. This phablet is capable of playing multi format videos and along with 3.5mm audio jack. Its cost is about 4999 INR. At this price it’s a very nice feature. Performance is not bad as it has very smooth touch and responsive. But the display quality is little bit back i.e., the colors on the display looked slightly washed out.

It takes sometimes to re-adjust itself when rotating the screen. It can easily read out text or e-book without any further reader application.It is a very nice tablet and it overcomes the limitations in the “Aakash 2”. At this price it is very good and it has the functionality and features of predecessor except the calling facility.
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Post credit: Gokul Suresh, Arshad Ashraf

Nokia Asha series was launched in 2011. It focused Smartphone buyers on beginning and invited the young generation to the world of internet without the need of luxury phones. Nokia took the features of MeeGo OS and from Microsoft’s windows phone. It includes experience of swipe in Asha touch OS and bring it to next generation.

Let’s see an overview of Nokia Asha 501


Type: TFT capacitive touch screen,
256K colors Size 240 x 320 pixels,
3.0 inches
Multitouch Up to 2 fingers


slot microSD, up to 32 GB, 4 GB card included
Internal 128 MB, 64 MB RAM


GPRS Up to 85.6 kbps
EDGE Up to 236.8 kbps
WLAN Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g
Bluetooth Yes, v3.0 with EDR


Primary 3.15 MP,
2048×1536 pixels
Secondary No.


Li-Ion 1200 mAh battery (BL-4U)
Stand-by Up to 1152 h
Talk time Up to 17 h
Music play Up to 56 h

for dual- SIM model:

Li-Ion 1200 mAh battery (BL-4U)
Stand-by Up to 624 h
Talk time Up to 17 h

The new Asha 501 uses a brand new mobile OS.


It is about 3’’and may be small when comparing to a full touch screen phone. It is having a QVGA capacitive display with a resolution of 240×320 in below and an earpiece on the top.
On the top, it includes 2mm micro USB port for charging and there is also a 3.5mm headphone jack. You can see volume key as well as a power key on the right side which can be used for locking/unlocking the screen but no keys on left and bottom side of the phone.
You can experience the recording of QVGA videos at 15 fps with its 3.15MP camera. But there is no led flash light which is not affordable at this price. The oval stud island lying on the bottom of the back cover gives a resting surface for your fingers and it also acts as a speaker hole. Nokia Asha 501 has a best quality of hardware that comes from Nokia series till now.


Nokia Asha 501 offers all the basic features such as Bluetooth, WIFI and FM Radio coverd.etc. But we can notice the absence of a true GPS chip. It welcomes us to a rich internet experience through Nokia Xpress browser under the limitations of the smaller screen and less RAM. There is no 3G connectivity on Asha 501 and thus it saves the unwanted wastage of resources. We can expect a 3G compactable device in upcoming Asha 5xx series.
The asha 501 also offers an excellent Bluetooth sharing with slam via Bluetooth from nokia. Instead of searching about processors we can enjoy the asha 501 with it’s speed and responsiveness. In terms of hardware point of view it shows all the characteristics of nokia.


The nokia Asha 501 includes Ash touch OS which is of latest version of Nokia’s S40. It modifies the touch plat form of Ash 3xx series by adopting best of both from MeeGo and Windows phone with a smooth and cool experience

Home Screens

Nokia Ash 501 takes the advantage of Windows phone by the use of multiple home screens. They are Fast Lane and the App Grid. By simply swapping from either of these home screens we can simply utilize them.

Swipe Experience 

Nokia Ash 501 is mainly characterized by its swipe experience. We can see a single button on the bottom of the screen. It serves as sequential back key. Other than this, we can access all the functions through the smooth swipe.

Let’s point out some important swipe gestures from Nokia Ash 501-

  • Swipe from the top of the shows some important shortcuts for Bluetooth, WIFI, Packet Data, And silent mode
  • Swipe from the bottom of the display shows the options menu for the apps which is currently used.
  • Swipe from the right or left side of the screens changes current app to home screen.


We can find all the features of multimedia including the gallery camera, Music player, Video player and FM Radio in Nokia Ash 501. Its gallery provides a direct way of sharing of photos to social networks such as Facebook, twitter.

Nokia Xpress Browser –

Another important feature of Nokia Ash 501 is its Nokia Xpress Browser. It enables to get thing fast on the phone by compressing data on server side and thus helps to earn about 90% on the charges of Packet Data


When comparing with expensive smart phones, camera features of Nokia Ash 501 may not be sufficient. But considering with its price, Nokia Ash 501 shows comparatively better camera performance than others.


You may be surprised by seeing battery performance of Nokia Ash 501. It is having a 1200 mAh battery which gives active use of 17 hours, standby of 48 days and music play back of 56 hours. If you are looking for long better batter life, there is no option other than Nokia Ash 501 with satisfactory performance.

Nokia Asha 501 Cons

• Mediocre Display
• No 3G
• No Front Facing Camera
• No LED Flash

Final Thought

The Nokia Ash 501 is an excellent choice at its lower cost as it offers better performance and high quality experience. We can’t find another option at this lower price range. It does not look like a lower end phone since it is incorporated with best qualities of hardware from Nokia series. Better battery performance and smooth swipe experience makes it more preferable. With all these exciting features, we suggest Nokia Ash 501 to people who expecting a satisfactory performance of a touch screen phone at lower price.

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If you are using windows 8 or higher, this article is for you. Don't miss it.

It is said that Windows 8 have rectified its predecessor’s negative’s. But although it’s said so after installation of windows 8 we can feel a decrease in internet speed.
Windows 8 reserves about 80% of its internet speed for ‘Metro Apps’. As a result internet speed is decreased. There are mainly 2 methods which can be used to get your old internet speed. Both this methods works fine. Both these 2 methods can be clubbed for good result.


By limiting the system application’s internet usage.
Step1: Go to RUN command box (by pressing windows key + R) and type GPEDIT.MSC on the RUN command box then click ok.

Step2: The step1 will take you to “Local Group Policy Editor “. At the left side of the appearing window you can see a drop down list.

Step3: Then click Administrative Templates -> Network -> QOS Packet Scheduler. 

Step4: After doing step3 you will get a list of setting consisting of
-Limit reserved bandwidth.
-Limit outstanding packets.
-DSCP value of non- conforming packets.
-DSCP value of conforming packets.
-Layer-2 priority value.
-Set timer resolution.
Among this select “Limit reserved bandwidth”.

Step5: Now a window will appear in that click on Enable which will not be configured previously and change the bandwidth limit to 50% and save it.
Step6: Restart your pc/laptop and see the magic! 😀
#Note: Limiting the Bandwidth to 50% sometimes will result in malfunction of metro applications.


Internet speed can be increased by removing unwanted Applications
Step1: Go to start menu (windows key) then right click on the applications you don’t want to use from the start menu e.g.: Maps, News, Weather, People, and Messaging etc.
Step2: Now at the bottom part of your window you will see a menu on that click “Turn Live Tile Off “. By doing so the unused applications selected on step1 will stop starting automatically when it is connected to Internet.

You can turn on your tile as follows:

Step1: Go to start menu (windows key) right click the apps you want to turn on again.
Step2: At the bottom of window you will again see a menu. On that click on “Turn Live Tile On “.

That’s it… Hope this trick for increasing Internet speed on windows 8 will be working fine for you.

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Highlights: Gesture controlled apps including camera, calling features, messaging, etc.

One of the most anticipated release in this year will be the Google Moto X. After acquiring the famous group Motorola by the Google, they didn’t released. Not even a single phone. So technology world will be very keen to know the release of the famous Google Moto X. As from the leaks spreading all over the world, there will be an option to carve your name or whatever you like on the phones back panel. Google still did not decided to reveal the launch dates of the Google Moto X.

According to the leaks spreading the technical specs of Moto X will be as follows:

  • 5 inch AMOLED display with 720 pixels resolution.
  • 1.7 GHz dual core snapdragon s4 processor.
  • 2GB RAM.
  • 16GB internal memory (expandable up to 32GB).
  • 10MP rear camera with flash.
  • 2MP front cam.
  • Android 4.2 jelly bean (supports update).


Google still not revealed the display details. The Moto X will be having a 5 inch AMOLED display having a pixel resolution of 720 pixels.

Memory and CPU

The Moto X will be powered by a 1.7 GHz dual core snapdragon s4 processor. The Moto X will be having a RAM of 2 GB and an internal memory of 16 GB which is capable to expand up to 32 GB.


The Moto X will be having a rear camera of about 10MP and having a secondary camera of 2MP. Both will be capable of recording of full HD videos. The rear camera will be provided by a flash.

Operating system

Moto X will be running on latest android 4.2 jelly bean also getting the latest updates from android.


The phone will be having lots of massive features and according to the rumors the phones control will be completely based on gesture controls. Like taking pics using camera, unlocking the phone, attending the call and replay to msgs all will. Totally controlled by gesture.

Let’s hope that Google will make this phone a massive success and will be a great comeback by the famous phone manufacturing company MOTOROLA.

Did you like these features? Do comment what you feel about Google’s new move!

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Nokia announced Lumia 1020, Windows 8 Phone with 41MP Camera. Actually a smartphone with Pro Cam! We all been hearing rumors about Lumia 1020 for months. Nokia made it reality at press conference in New York City. It’s somewhat in Nokia’s Lumia 920 with lots of additional features. Polycarbonate case shows the similarity between Lumia 1020 and 920.Although it’s lighter than 920.

Lumia 1020 Key Features:

  • 41Mp camera with Xenon flash
  • Dual capture mode,
  • Nokia Pro Camera app.
  • Wide-angle lens on the front facing camera of the Lumia 1020.
  • Additional camera shell accessories
  • Camera shell include additional battery.
  • 4.5-inch 1280 x 768-pixel AMOLED display,
  • Full HD display
  • Dual-core Snapdragon processor.
  • 2GB of RAM.
  • 32GB internal storage.
  • Second generation optical image stabilization
  • Rich audio recording for crisp clear playback.
  • Upload media files to Cloud automatically without use of additional software’s.
  • Wireless charging technology is available as in previous Lumia editions.
  • Available colours: Black, Yellow and white.
  • Available from July 26th.
  • Around  30,000 INR

Lets Go Deep On Lumia-1020?


Main attracting feature is its 41MP camera. Nokia’s Symbian phone 808 Pureview with 41MP dint show up well in market .But this time, they added a key feature-Windows8 OS, Zeiss six-element lens with advanced image processing. Ie, at a time, Lumia 1020 creates two images of the snap taken. One of them will be comparatively low quality pic for web upload and file sharing purposes. It takes Lumia 925’s one of feature- Second-generation ‘optical image stabilization’.

Nokia made a partnership with ‘Hipstamatic’, app maker. They will create an app named ‘Oggl Pro’ for adding additional features to Nokia’s 41MP windows mobile. In addition to that, Nokia developed their own app named ‘Pro Cam’, which gives additional features a professional camera does. This lets you control overexposure compensation, ISO, manual focus, shutter speed and white balance.

Additional camera shell accessories for grip that include extra battery and a large shutter button for additional smooth photography.It offers an additional accessory for camera for holding it tightly.This camera shell costs around $79.99 which is somewhat costly. But suitable for camera lovers.

Its 2GB RAM and dual core Snapdragon processor makes multi-tasking smoother. With all these features, Nokia is hoping a large sale of their new Lumia 1020.

Also comes with feature to upload media files to Cloud automatically without use of additional software’s. Nokia 1020 will be available in market from the beginning of July 26th. Estimated Delhi price for AT&T bundled mobile users is around 30,000 Indian Rupees.

If you can add more, use our comment box below.

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