5 Must Have Android Apps For Rooted Device

5 Must Have Android Apps For Rooted Device

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Android is one of the most popular and widely used smartphone OS. The main specialty of Android is that it is open source. That is the OS contents can be modified according to the user need. Every Android phone user will be looking forward to Root the Android phone after the warranty period. Rooting is nothing but getting access to the system files in an Android Device. After rooting an Android Smartphone, you can do whatever you want within the limitations.

After rooting your Android Smartphone, there are some must have apps everyone must try!

1) Titanium Backup

This one of the important app that every rooted user must have. This app can be used to backup your whole Android phone. The main difference with other app us that you will be able to backup your app along with the app data. Other than back upping it can also do some other stuffs. You can uninstall the system apps that come along with the device. You can move all your apps into the SD card.

2) SD Booster

Basically the SD card, we use will be having very slow speed. That is the SD card reading and writing speed. By using this SD Booster app you will be able to increase the read and write speed up to a certain extend. After launching the app you will be asked to input a cache amount. This app can also manage the phone’s internal memory.

3) No frills CPU control

This app will be use full for the basic entry level smart phones. Basically, these phones will be having less amount of processor speed. So if we flash the phone with a custom kernel that supports Overclocking, this app can be used. This app is basically used to over clock the processor on an Android phone. Other than over clocking this app have a feature called deep sleep mode. This feature helps to save more battery backup.  During the phones sleep time the processor will under the clock.

4) Greenify

This one of the favorite app among these. By using this app you can hibernate the background apps that are running. As a result the overall performance of the app can be increased. The Facebook app consume more data and ram. Such conditions Greenify can save you. All you have to do is to add the apps that you have hibernate.

5) Auto run manager

There will be lot of unwanted apps that will be running after the device has been booted. Those apps will be consuming more ram. Such condition auto run manager can be used. These app will prevent the startup run of the applications. Thus performance can be increased.

NB: These apps can only be used in a rooted Android phone.



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